Have a Classic Car?

Are you looking to add a stereo to your old school car? Or maybe you have a nice stereo but are looking to improve the sound or add too? Look no further! We are able to offer radios that not only sound great, but have a like origional look for your classic. Just because the car is old, does not mean your stuck with old technology. We are able to build kick panels, rear deck lids, and much more to get the exact look and sound your looking for in your project! 

Ford Truck Kick Panels And Sound Proofing

This cool truck we build some sleek, factory looking kick panels to house some JL Audio C3 6.5s as well as installed a small Rockford amp, Rockford powered enclosure, and custom autosound radio. We also completly sound treated the entire cab!

69 Chevy Kick Panels & Rear Deck

In this one off Chevy, we build some NICE kick panels, custom layered rear deck lid, custom subwoofer enclosure, and welded amp rack. We used JL C3 speakers, JL W6 12, and JL VXi 5 channel amp to get a super clean SQ sound!

Porsche Rear Deck Panel

This was a quick and fun project! This car was in VERY nice shape, but the factory rear deck panel was faded and cracked from decades in the sun. So, we were tasked with building something that looked the part, but was not over done and added modern speakers. So we build a custom rear deck lid following the shape of the car, and added some rockford 6.5's and wrapped it in the factory material.