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Have a jeep? We are your #1 choice for all your Jeep electronics and lighting!


Anything from standard radio replacement, speakers and amps, remote starts, lighting, and all the way to customizing your interior, we are your #1 source for Jeep installation and sales!


We specialize in all and every type of jeep lighting! Anything from light bars to rocklights, and everything in between! 


Purchas from us, or bring in your own and we can get you taken care of in the best way possible. 



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Looking for a better sound? Or maybe needing a back up camera? What ever your elecronic needs are we have you covered!


We are authorized Stinger dealers, which means yes, we sell the top notch Stinger High10 radio! Along side the High10, we also carry all the Kenwood modles and a few other brands as well for source units. 


We also carry JL Audio and install the FiX86 system intergration processors which means if you have a new JL or JT but dont want to swap out your factory radio to the Stinger option, we can intergrate your new sound system directly into the factory stereo using the FiX86 unit.


We stock many diffrent brands and levels of speakers, amps, and subs, to help get your speakers up to par with your desired listening styles.


We also install speaker cans for those that want to really rock out!


And of corse, if your want to go full custom, we can build you custom interior panels and enclosures to reach the level of crazy your imagination is dreaming about!